We confidently design and install residential and commercial irrigation systems.

Elevation-hardy nursery stock is grown by and hand selected from specialized growers in Oregon, California and Idaho.

The custom soil blends and amendments we use are engineered and composted locally and naturally address the varying soil types of the High Desert and Sierra.

Cutting edge equipment helps in allowing us to achieve all land sculpting and site preparation work.


Property owners often miss out the complicated landscaping phases. All they see is the finished outdoor that has undergone landscape design and is complete with healthy soil, beautifully laid down plants, and dependable irrigation system. With us, all you have to do is decide and we’ll take care of the rest.

Let us give you some details of our landscaping services. After reading this section you will be convinced why we are confident that you will become one of our satisfied clients in Nevada.

Soil Preparation

It’s easy to tame sagebrush in the Nevadan soil. But a beautiful landscape design has to have more plants than just sagebrush. The problem is, some areas in Minden, Carson, Lake Tahoe or Dayton don’t have the right soil for an interesting landscape. That’s not a problem with our team. We’ll test the on-site soil to determine what adjustments are needed to make it perfectly nurtured for a variety of plants.

Although fertile soil is always the choice, there are some plants that require sandy or muddy soil. So the soil preparation will be dependent on the chosen landscaping plants. It’s also possible to designate areas for a certain soil type and another area for another type. You’ll enjoy the best of every type of soil this way.

Plant Selection

Even if you are in the Sagebrush State, it doesn’t mean you are required to have the outdoors full of sagebrush. A few of this is fine. Add a little bit of other flowers, grasses, shrubs, and vines for a perfect landscape design.

Nevada is lucky to enjoy an extended period of sunshine. That means you get to enjoy a wider variety of plants, too. Prickly pear cactus is a good choice for both aesthetics and less maintenance. It just needs watering during a very hot summer day and blooms peach or yellow flowers. Oleandeer is also an interesting landscaping plant because of its colorful flowers. If unity is what you want, then choose plants that grow one-color flowers like the Desert Marigold, Fragrant Verbena, Columbian Monkshood, and Sego Lilies.

Your choices are not limited to the local varieties because at Luke Landscape Contractors, we also supply beautiful plants from other regions like Idaho, California, and Oregon. What makes our plants different is that they are tamed in our nursery. Come and visit our site and enjoy handpicking plants for your very own landscape design.

Landscaping Irrigation

Perhaps the most common type of irrigation is the sprinkler system. It’s what most Nevada homeowners see especially in landscape with a wide lawn. But there are more to irrigation than just sprinklers. In fact, sprinklers might just be bad for some group of plants like those that are prone to developing fungus. In this case, micro irrigation is the best choice.

In micro irrigation, the system is buried underground, thus the water is supplied directly to the roots. Water is simply flooded on the bed with the flood system. This is the perfect choice for plants that love soggy soil.

We have more landscaping services to offer than just landscape design, irrigation installation, soil taming, or plant selection. Please feel free to contact us and schedule your visit to our site. Our staff will be more than delighted to assist you in whatever landscaping services you need.

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