Water Features

An aquatic accent can provide a landscape with tremendous aesthetic improvement.

We utilize a variety of creative design and construction techniques to build contemporary pools and fountains, or to re-create nature's streams and waterfalls.

We utilize a variety of creative design and construction techniques to achieve streams, ponds, waterfalls and fountains.

Water Features

Water features add a relaxing and beautiful feature in the landscape. Big outdoors or small backyards can now enjoy the benefits of perfectly installed water features from Luke Landscape Contractors. We’ve been creating fountains, waterfalls, ponds, and pools for Nevada homes and commercial properties for years. Below are some of the reasons why you need at least one water feature in your landscape.


Pools are special water features not only because you can actually swim in them, but because they are huge enough to be special. Also with a pool around, you can spend time with your friends or family while cooling down under a hot summer day.

The typical pools are large enough to cover the larger portion of the entire outdoors. But if you want something smaller, then go with a spa or hot tub. Smaller pools can be made above ground, making it the focal point of the entire landscape. Bigger pools are great at blending in with other elements in the landscape design.


Ponds look a lot like a small pool. The only difference is that a pond is an ecosystem where fishes and plants live in. Ponds also look more natural, thus they are more relaxing to the eyes and blend well in a garden.

Although pond is an ecosystem, having fishes in it is not a requirement. It’s fine to just have water lilies and other water plants in and on the pond. But if your fishes will be there, then plants are needed to be there, too. Like pools, ponds can also be in-ground or above ground. Larger ponds have to be in-ground so they can beautifully mirror other elements.


Ponds and pools are the tranquil water features. Waterfalls may not be so still and quiet but they add the melody of water. The best about them is that, they don’t have to be an independent feature at all times. They can also be added to a pool or a pond for a more dramatic effect. If you don’t prefer having a big basin of water, then go with a pondless waterfall. You can still enjoy the sound of water without having to worry about the maintenance or safety.


The all-time favorite water feature, fountain can be extra huge or can be as small as a mug. Like waterfalls, fountains are treasured for the beautiful sound of water. But unlike waterfalls, water sound from a fountain can be quiet and subtle.

You can go with the classic ivory-color, statue-looking fountains. Modern fountain varieties are more interesting to look at, though, and more flexible, too. There are fountains that can run water on the wall or stairs. They can also be added to other water features like pools or ponds for a more romantic appeal.

Romantic, wild, tranquil or zesty - any water feature is possible with Luke Landscape Contractors. Get in touch with us soon and we’ll start the first step in building the perfect pools, ponds, fountain, waterfalls, or any other water features that can give a dramatic change to your outdoors.

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