Outdoor Kitchens, BBQs

If you want to further enhance Nevada’s long summer evenings, cooking at a custom-constructed gourmet outdoor kitchen is the answer.

To achieve the aesthetic you desire, we utilize a wide-range of techniques such as slab granite, tile, natural stone, etc.

We offer premium outdoor-rated appliances and grill accessories, heated plumbing, electrical wiring, island backsplash design and bar seating.

Outdoor Kitchens

Aside from using premium materials on every outdoor kitchen project that we have, Luke Landscape Contractors ensures that the finished outdoor kitchens will be stylish and functional. We can make your outdoor experience complete with a full-pledged outdoor kitchen and fireplaces.

Stylish Outdoor Kitchens

Our company is not just any construction company out there. Besides construction, we also specialize on landscaping and masonry works. You need to be exquisitely creative if you want to strive in these very competitive industries. And we are proud to be one of the best, if not the best, builder of outdoor kitchens in the state of Nevada. But don’t just take our words for it. See the pictures of our creativity.

Our past outdoor kitchen creations are undoubtedly stylish. But of course, it is always your style preference that will matter most. We understand that the design should speak about your unique personality. So together, we can design the best outdoor kitchen for your sense of style and purpose.

Not only that the design is elegant by itself, your outdoor kitchen will be constructed using the highest quality of materials like natural stones, tiles, and slab granites. These materials will instantly give a high-end look to your kitchen. And with their durability, your beautiful kitchen should last forever.

Functional Outdoor Kitchens

Beauty is not skin deep in the case of our outdoor kitchens and outdoor fireplaces. Their beauty penetrates right into the deepest part. That’s because the appliances, accessories, electrical wiring, plumbing, and furniture pieces are all premium products. They are made to withstand the outdoor extremities, giving you the comfort of indoor cooking.

Of course, a griller is always included in outdoor kitchens besides other usual cooking appliances like stove or oven. Wine coolers and refrigerators should be included for that refreshing summer outdoor gathering. Made with stainless steel, these appliances will never fear rain or sunshine.

Even outdoor cabinets can be made out of stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about termites. The same material is highly recommended for sinks, warming drawers, and deep fryers.

Outdoor kitchens should not stop when the cooking time is up. The best part of the gathering is yet to come - eating! A mini bar with concrete stools will be a great addition. But it’s also great to have a country-inspired dining table just next to the kitchen. If not, then have a weather-proof living room around the outdoor fireplaces and there, you can savor the freshly cooked dishes.

People who have never experienced the beauty of outdoor kitchen are often unconvinced about the resiliency of every material we use on this outdoor living space. If you are, too, then we have the perfect solution for that - a removable roof and wall. Outdoor kitchens and even outdoor fireplaces will be safe, sound, and convenient to use even under the rain.

Luke Landscape Contractors is experienced in building outdoor kitchens in Nevada. Our past clients are now enjoying aesthetically pleasing and amazingly functional and convenient outdoor kitchens. You deserve the same enjoyment. Contact us and you’ll soon have one of the most appealing outdoor kitchens in the entire Nevada.

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